Embossed Your Stainless Steel Name Board

Embossed Your Company Logo, Sinhala, English & Tamil Letter Name Boards / Light Boards Signage in Stainless Steel Name Board

Silver Tech is Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel name boards. We use stainless steel various design letters, mirror-finished stainless steel letters, stainless steel numbers, stainless steel Sinhala letters, stainless steel English Letters, stainless steel Tamil Letters, Stainless Steel Name Board and Stainless Steel Logo Bord – Home Use and Stainless Steel Letters Light Age.

We offer stainless steel 3D steel articles, stainless steel articles for walls, metal articles, and neon steel articles. All the products we offer are specially designed and developed by Yin specific to the latest market trends and requirements. Our products are in high demand due to their easy installation, long service life, and optimum quality. We manufacture these fonts in various shapes, sizes, and grades to suit the client’s needs. Please submit your plan in PDF, JPG, or any other format. Accordingly, you can give the best quote.

  • Company Logo
  • Alphabetic Letters
  • Sinhala Letters
  • Tamil Letters
  • Light Boards
  • House Numbers / House Names / Address
  • Road Signage
  • Fire Safety Symbols
  • Hotel Names / Villa Name Boards
  • Neon Boards

In addition, we provide all the  Stainless Steel Letter Boxes, Stainless Steel Hospital Trays & Trolleys, Stainless Steel Sinks, and Any Other Stainless Steel Equipment You Need 

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