Readymade and Custom Stainless Steel Chairs and Tables in Sri Lanka

Commerical Stainless Steel Work Tables - Readymade and Custom Stainless Steel Chairs and Tables For
fit to your exact requirement

Silver technology is the best solution for your ready-made or custom stainless steel chairs and tables. We manufacture & fabricate range of stainless steel tables. We supply stainless steel food prep work tables flat and with backsplash. We also fabricate of stainless steel equipment stands, stainless enclosed work table base cabinets, butcher block bakers tables, stainless steel dish cabinets, corner tables, stainless steel folding work tables, work tables with sinks. We also custom build to your specification any of these stainless steel work tables along with chef cooking demo tables, adjustable height work tables, meat cutting tables, or work shop and warehouse stainless tables as well as any custom stainless steel countertop you need.

Stainless Steel Chairs and Tables
  • Prep work tables
  • Stainless Steel Work Tables with Backsplashes and Undershelves
  • Work table with sink
  • Buthcer tables
  • Corner tables
  • Folding work tables
  • Chef cooking demo tables
  • Restaurant Tables & chairs
  • Meat cutting tables
  • Cashier Table / Cashier Counters

Besides, we provide all the Stainless Steel Gas Burner Stove, Stainless Steel Pedal Sinks corona Sink in Sri Lanka, Stainless Steel BBQ Grill And Kottu Cookers and any other kitchen equipment you need for your Commercial Kitchen  

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