Your Reliable
Stainless Steel Partner

We are the Silver Tech, the most fabulous
stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment fabricators in Sri Lanka.

Your Reliable
Stainless Steel Partner

We are the Silver Tech, the most fabulous
stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment fabricators in Sri Lanka.

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Silver Tech Is The Best Spot
for your stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment necessity

We are the Silver Tech, the most fabulous stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment fabricators in Sri Lanka. We create steel steel’s bain-marie food display cupboard , stainless steel pantry cupboards, stainless steel kitchen canopy, hoods & exhaust duct line, stainless steel gas burner, stainless steel letter boxes / post boxes, stainless steel tables and chairs, stainless steel commercial kitchen sinks, countertops, stainless steel chicken roasting machines, stainless steel BBQ grills and kottu stoves, stainless steel letter name boards, and whatever else you can devise. We are having more than 14 years of involvement with the stainless steel creation industry. As the leading stainless steel fabricator in Sri Lanka, we offer the opportunity to modify your fantasy work with our enthusiastic planners.


Our Services


Stainless Steel Pedal Sinks corona Sink

The pedal operated handwashing station (Stainless Steel Foot Pedal sink) helps in sanitizing hands without physically touching the water tap and soapy water or other liquid soap dispensers, thereby making it least potential for contamination at public and common places usage.

Stainless Steel Pedal Sinks>>


Stainless Steel Food Display Cupboards / Bain Marie

Show your items to best bit of advantage with our scope of bain-marie and food display cupboards for everything from plate of mixed greens to pie. Look out for our handy design includes that keep items new and give staff simple access.

Bain Marie Food Display >>


Stainless Steel Chicken Roasting Machines

Pioneers within the stainless steel, we tend to area unit providing a superb vary of stainless steel chicken rotisserie machines & chicken grill machine. Our grill machine provides non-vegetarians differing types of grilled chicken delicacies & featured

Chicken Roasting Machines >>


Stainless Steel BBQ, Grill & Kottu Stove

Our Stainless Steel BBQ Grill and Kottu Stove can deal with commercial use requests and private use. Heavy-duty material and exact precise fabrication permit our open-air BBQ Grill and Kottu Stove to broil to keep going a long, long time.

BBQ, Grill & Kottu Stove >>


Stainless Steel Gas Burner

Our famous Stainless Steel Gas Burners have Turbo-like heat and are extraordinarily designed for exceptional wok cooking. The range incorporates a single burner, two, three, and four burners.

High-Pressure Gas Burner >>


Stainless Steel Kitchen Canopy, Hoods & Exhaust Duct Line

Our custom created stainless steel commercial kitchen canopies hoods & exhaust duct line square measure built to combat the high amounts of wet you get in a kitchen – from cooking food to laundry dishes.

Kitchen Canopy, Hoods & Exhaust Duct Line >>


Stainless Steel Commercial Sinks

Stainless steel sinks enable you to perform a spread of cleanup tasks in your institution or home. in spite of what sort of business you use, stainless steel sinks area unit essential for your establishment’s eminent operation.

Commercial Sinks >>


Stainless Steel Letter Boxes / Post Boxes

Looking to update your letterbox? contemplate a stainless steel letterbox from Silver Tech! Our stainless steel letterbox is sure to complement your property, in spite of whether or not it’s your business or your home.

Letter Boxes / Post Boxes >>


Stainless Steel Tables & Chairs

Stainless steel work tables & chairs are essential for any commercial kitchen these days. These products feature durable stainless steel constructions that are sure to withstand constant use in anywhere you want

Stainless Steel Tables & Chairs >>


Stainless Steel Company Logo / Name Boards

We fabricate & install stainless steel numerous styles letter, mirror-finished stainless steel letters, stainless steel numeric letter, stainless steel alphabetic letter, and name board. With these things we've got equipped for numerous industries.

Company Logo / Name Boards >>


Stainless Steel Hospital Trays & Trolleys

We provide stainless steel Hospital Trays, trolleys like scouring Trolley, medication Trolleys, Patients' Stretcher Trolleys, Hospital Instruments Trolleys, stainless steel Linen Trolleys, Hospital Multi-Purpose Instruments Trolleys and lots of a lot of things from Ceylon.

Hospital Trays & Trolleys >>


Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Pantry Cupboard in Sri Lanka

Stainless steel pantry cupboards & countertops are on the market in an exceedingly wide selection of shapes, sizes, and finishes. We can create custom one-of-a-kind Kitchen Cabinets for your precise specifications or mass manufacture several copies of a similar style.

Pantry Cupboard >>


Stainless Steel Hotel Kitchen Equipment Supplier

We area unit expertise within the style and fabrication of stainless steel commercial kitchens, extract canopies, and every one kind of different associated stainless steel items for industrial hotel and restaurant kitchens.

Hotel Kitchen Equipment >>
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