Stainless Steel High Pressure Gas Cookers
In Sri Lanka

Standard & Custom made High Pressure Gas Cooker/Burner Wok Range
fit to your exact requirement

Fast and high heat is significant for proper cooking pan cooking; Silver Tech’s stainless steel High pressure gas cookers ranges have a turbo-like heat and are designed explicitly for cooking hard cooking pans. It is complete with an 8m stainless steel hose and air mass coconut regulator. These air mass burner tents are also suitable for tenting and cooking outside, so the air mass flame is annoying to the wind, and the liquid can boil in a few minutes.

stainless steel High pressure gas cookers
  • High pressure Single Burner Cooker
  • High pressure Two Burners Cookers
  • High pressure Three Burners Cookers
  • High pressure Four Burners Cookers
  • High pressure Stock Pots
  • Hopper Cookers
  • High pressure Burners with Table Top
  • High pressure Burner Wok Range with Sink & Table Top
  • High pressure Custom Made Cookers

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